Ibanez BTB676

The 6-string Ibanez BTB676 Electric Bass is a powerhouse with unbelievable sound capabilities. The BTB bass also boasts quality woods, superior construction, and cutting-edge electronics. The BTB676 bass is made with a solid light ash body topped with walnut. A strong 5-piece maple and bubinga thru-neck gives the BTB more resonance and a stronger, more dedicated tone. Exaggerated cutaways allow unrestricted access to the upper frets, and a U shaped neck profile provides comfort for your fretting hand.The 35″ neck scale provides superior articulation, which is ideal for low tunings, and Bartolini MK-2 pickups deliver a balanced tone and plenty of sizzle. Die-cast tuners, cosmo black hardware, and a flat finish round out the Ibanez BTB676 6-string electric bass’ features—truly a work of art

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One Response to Ibanez BTB676

  1. HahnShandy says:

    This 6 String is sold generally for just under €800 (depending on where you live) I have one and it is not only Aesthetically beautiful but it plays beautiful. The action is superb, the feel… *dribbling* Straight through neck, the wood colouring, ah! beautiful… Note: If you don’t normally play active basses (has a battery) this beast has two 12Volt batteries.
    I was playing happily through a tascam trainer (If you don’t know, well…) and leaving the lead in the bass…. No No No No… (Battery, Batteries???) and then it died. The next bit shouldn’t have happened (newb, slow learner panic) BTW, not a NEWB 🙂 Forgot that the damn bass used batteries.(I know, I drank/drink a lot :)) and proceeded to believe there was a bigger problem. 🙂 When using an active bass take the cable out when you are not using it. ROCK ON /mm\ /mm\

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