World’s Dumbest Criminals Part 2

Recently we write story about 21 Dumbest Criminals of the 21st Century and all visitors love it, because here is another new list with more World Dumbest Criminals in part 2

Derrick Koschderrick kosch 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2

Police said a Kokomo man accidentally shot himself in the genitals as he robbed a convenience store early Tuesday.

Kokomo police said they were called to a Village Pantry store at 100 N. Ohio St. at about 4:20 a.m. after a clerk at the store called them.The female clerk told police that a man came into the store with a semiautomatic handgun, grabbed her hair and demanded cash and cigarettes before handing her a white cloth bag.  The clerk said that as she retrieved the cigarettes she heard a gunshot and turned to confront the man, who yelled that he had shot himself…Read more

thomas infante 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Thomas Infante

Thomas Infante, 40, was arrested after the Fifth Third Bank at 4017 West Lawrence was robbed on Friday.

Infante walked into the bank and handed a teller a threatening note demanding cash, according to an FBI news release. What the FBI said they noticed but Infante failed to consider was that the note was written on the back of his own pay stub.

When he fled the bank, Infante left the note behind, including a torn-off portion dropped outside the bank that included his name and address, the FBI said. Infante was arrested at his home in Cary, Ill., where he allegedly confessed to the robbery.

And the take wasn’t even that good — the teller only handed over $397, according to a criminal complaint. If convicted, he could spend up to 20 years behind bars.

sperm bank robbery 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Anil Mohite

Indian police have arrested two men over the theft of more than 100 sperm samples from India’s oldest sperm bank in Aurangabad, central India, national media said on Tuesday.

Anil Mohite tried to sell the stolen sperm to an infertility center in Mumbai last week for 25,000 rupees ($626) unaware of the real cost of his stolen plunder. In Europe three vials cost approximately $180 to $250.

Doctors became suspicious and contacted the police. During the investigation police discovered that Anil Mohite’s close relative worked at the Aurangabad sperm bank and both men were arrested on suspicion of theft. Read More

peter addison mark ridgeway 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part  2Peter Addison and Mak Ridgeway

Bungling burglar Peter Addison was nabbed by police – because he scrawled “Peter Addison was here” at the scene of his crime.

The 18-year old wrote his name in black marker pen on a wall as he and pals raided a campsite and went on a boozy wrecking spree.

Police who arrived to investigate the incident were stunned to find Addison’s calling card plus other messages saying: “Thanks for the Stay” at the Toc H Campsite for under privileged children in Adlington, near Macclesfield, Cheshire.

They checked his details on a computer system and when they caught up with him, he was found to be wearing a T shirt stolen from campsite during the burglary… Read More

billy jordan 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Billy Jordan

Billy Jordan of Riverview says he feels stupid because he spent 10 hours stuck inside a commercial grill vent at the Lucky Buffet on U.S. 301 South in Hillsborough County.
Jordan, 45, says it was, “like a rat being in a tunnel,” and that he’ll never do such a thing again.
Manager Zhangjin Xu says an employee discovered Jordan’s legs dangling from the vent when she arrived for work Friday morning.

“She was surprised and a little scared,” said Xu. “She called out and asked for her son.”

is job  150x133 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Marco Marabotto

Marco, would have never gotten caught if he hadn’t listed his name and address on the job application. Now Marabotto faces up to four years in the slammer after lifting Carly Miller’s wallet from her purse during an Aug. 15 job interview, sources said.
“This is one of the dumbest criminals alive,” said Bill Clinger, Miller’s boss at Revolution, a pedicab courier service on Ninth Avenue. Clinger advertised for a driver on Craigslist and Marabotto, who lives in Manhattan, made an appointment for an interview.

Miller, 22, did the interview from behind a desk as Marabotto sat across from her. Her purse was on a chair next to him. Miller got good vibes from Marabotto.
“I would have hired him, absolutely,” she said yesterday. “I had a good feeling about him. He was very friendly and warm.”

aaron evans tattoo 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Aarron Evans
A car thief who had his name and date of birth tattooed on his neck was caught after CCTV images of him were used to track him down. Aarron Evans, 21, pleaded guilty at Bristol Magistrates’ Court to breaking into a covert capture car in the city.
The car had been left by Avon and Somerset Police officers with a covert camera concealed inside, which took pictures of Evans. Evans, an illiterate man of no fixed address, was sentenced to seven months.

Supt Ian Wylie said: “Criminals won’t be tolerated in Bristol and we will keep catching them and bringing them before the courts. “We get such excellent images from these cameras that there is often, and never more so than in this case, no doubt who the criminal is.”

Christopher Kron

Surveillance video from the Junkanoo Restaurant catches the suspect breaking in and rummaging through the bar area.
You can’t hear it on the video, but restaurant employees tell WINK News the alarms were blaring.
It didn’t seem to bother the burglar and neither did a phone call from the alarm company.
Manager, George Tomasi still can’t believe the suspect’s next move, “He picked it up and the security company asked him who this was, and he gave him his name!”
That’s right, according to the alarm company ADT, the suspect identified himself as Christopher Kron, which deputies say was his real name.

william anthony 150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2Anthony William

RALEIGH (WTVD) — Raleigh police say the man caught on tape, stealing a car at a crime scene, was arrested with the car in Virginia.Eyewitness News crews were at the scene of a multiple stabbing on Millbrook Road in Raleigh Monday when a second crime happened in front of the police officers at the scene.A woman stepped out of her 2004 Honda Accord to talk to an officer about the crime. While her back is turned, a man in a black cap carrying a big stick walked past her and jumped into her car.

The officer banged on the hood – to try to get the man to stop, but he got away.

news003  150x150 World Dumbest Criminals part 2David Daloia  and James O’Hare

On Tuesday, when a Pay-O-Matic Check Cashing store on Ninth Avenue declined to honor Cintron’s $355 welfare check unless he was present, Daloia and O’Hare hatched their “Weekend at Bernie’s”-style plot to roll their friend’s fresh corpse from his West 52nd Street home to the store in an office chair, said cops.

“We walked to the corner and saw two guys,” Daloia recounted. “They said, ‘He looks pale. Do you want us to call 911?’ And I said, ‘Please do.’ “

A police detective lunching at a nearby restaurant saw Cintron, decided right away he was dead, and questioned Daloia and O’Hare, who ended up spending the next three days under arrest.

Freed from Rikers Island on $1,000 bail Thursday, the duo spent yesterday stumbling through Manhattan in hope of recovering a couple-hundred in cash O’Hara had to hand over to cops before he was locked up….Read More

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